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Which Material Will Last the Longest for a Roof?

Different houses can be designed with different roofs, including asphalt, metal, wood, and even plastic polymer. Different roofs have their own advantages and disadvantages. So, here is a science popularization for readers, so that everyone can have an idea of different roofs, so that they can choose in the future.

Asphalt patch roof (lifetime: about 20 years)
In the United States, more than 80% of the houses use asphalt tiles as roofing materials. This kind of houses are usually three-piece plywood splicing, which is cheaper in price, moderate in weight, and performs better in fire resistance and wind resistance.

Metal roof (life: about 40 years)
The roof material may be iron, aluminum or zinc alloy. In terms of appearance, a metal roof may not look very good, but it performs better in thermal resistance, is durable, and is very easy to replace. Roofs made of metal materials are also very light in weight, and the cost will be slightly more expensive, but the roof can apply for certain tax subsidies in most states.

Plastic polymeric roof (lifetime: about 50 years)
The roofing material is plastic polymer, which has high technological content, and most plastic polymer roofing materials are recyclable green materials, which are light in weight and moderate in price.


Concrete veneer roof (life: over 50 years)
Concrete veneer roofs are usually made of a mixture of cement and sand. Usually we see this type of roof on some higher-priced single-family houses. It is heavy and requires a reinforced roof frame. The roof is very sustainable in terms of sustainability, but it also has a chance of being broken. The fire resistance effect is very good, but the wind resistance is slightly worse.

Slate Roof (Life: 100+ years)
Slate material is a very traditional material for roofing. It is usually dark gray in appearance and heavy in weight. It is the same as concrete veneer. If this material is used as a roof, the internal beams need to be strengthened, and most of the slate For pitched roofs. If the foundation of the slate roof is well done, it can live for 100 years without any damage from natural disasters. Stone is not like brick masonry. Bricks are steam bricks or cement bricks. After a few decades, they will degenerate, and one layer or a small piece will fall off. Stone does not have this problem, and at most the blocking layer will fall off. The slate roof has very good performance in terms of wind resistance and fire resistance. Of course, the material is also very expensive in terms of cost and requires professionals to lay it.

Wood Roof (Life: 15-20 years)
Occasionally in the United States, some roofs made of wood materials can be seen, most of which are cedar (cedar) materials, which can give people a very natural beauty in appearance, have a short service life, and require regular maintenance. The wind resistance performance is good. But the fire resistance is much worse, and the cost is moderate.


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