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What Kind of Tableware Are There in the Western Restaurant and How Should They Be Used?

At present, it is a common thing to use western food outside. There are many western tableware, including napkins, table knives, dinnerware, dinner plates, spoons, wine glasses, etc. When eating western food, it is necessary for us to understand common tableware usage. Next, let’s take a look with me.

What kind of tableware does a western restaurant have?
1. Napkin
2. Fish Fork
3. Dinner or Main Course Fork
4. Salad Fork
5. Soup Bowl & Plate
6.Dinner Plate
7.Dinner Knife
8. Fish Knife
9.Soup Spoon
10.Bread & Butter Plate
11. Butter Knife
12. Dessert Spoon and Cake Fork
13. Water Goblet
14. Red Wine Goblet
15.White Wine Goblet

Slate Placemats

How to use common western tableware?

Placement Etiquette

  • 1. The backing plate is centered, and the knife is left and right, the tip of the knife is upward, and the edge of the knife is inward.
  • 2. The horizontal spoon in front of the plate, the staple food is on the left, the tableware is on the right, and the rest of the utensils are placed as appropriate
  • 3. The number of wine glasses is equal to the type of wine, and the arrangement is from left to right, followed by strong wine glasses, wine glasses, champagne glasses, and beer glasses. Put certain items on the plate, and the napkin should be placed next to the plate.

Tableware Usage
1. Table knife
(1) There are many kinds of western and Chinese food knives. One is the steak knife for meat cutting. This kind of knife has obvious serrations and is used for cutting meat. The other is the dinner knife, which has less serrations and is used for cutting fruits and vegetables. There is also a butter knife, which is a smaller knife used for cutting butter or bread. When we use table knives, we should start using the knife farthest from our own plate, and then move towards the direction of the plate, and use one tableware in sequence for each dish.
(2) The way of holding the table knife must be in accordance with etiquette. Generally, the right hand is used to hold the knife to cut food.

2. Dinner fork
(1) The dinner fork is similar to the dinner knife, and there are many kinds in Western food. The commonly used ones are salad forks, dinner forks and fruit forks. The smallest of these three is the fruit fork, followed by the salad fork, and the largest one is called the dinner fork, which is used to eat hot dishes for dinner.
(2) The way of holding the fork should also be in accordance with etiquette. Generally, the fork is held in the left hand. But the way of eating is slightly different. The American way of eating is to change the fork in the left hand to the right, and then start eating. If you are left-handed, you can continue to use the fork in your left hand. The European way of eating is to eat the cut food directly with the fork in the left hand.

3. Table spoon
There are generally three kinds of table spoons, one is dinner spoons, the spoon head is oval, mainly used when eating staple food, and plays the role of auxiliary table fork. The other is a soup spoon, usually with a round head, which is mainly used for soup. There is also a dessert spoon, which is usually placed flat on the top of the dinner plate and is mainly used to eat desserts. The size is significantly smaller than the dinner spoon or soup spoon.

4. Napkins
Western food napkins are generally made of cloth. The napkin cloth is square and flat, and the color is elegant. It is mainly used to prevent oil and soup from dripping on the clothes, and to gently wipe the oil around the mouth. It cannot be used to wipe sweat, face or tableware.

After taking a seat, the napkin can be unfolded and covered on the knees. It can also be placed on the chest in heavy etiquette occasions, and it can also be placed on the table in ordinary casual occasions. Too big to fold in half. If you leave temporarily for some reason, you should take off the napkin and fold it into a square or triangle at will and put it on the seat. The napkin can be placed on the table only after the banquet has left, implying the end of the meal.


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