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What Is the Difference Between Slate and Marble?

As the market for rock slabs continues to expand, many people compare rock slabs with marble. The difference between rock slabs and marble is different in terms of source, appearance, physical and chemical properties, etc. In terms of source, marble belongs to natural mining. Natural materials, while slate is an artificial product. Slate is fired at a high temperature of 2000 degrees, and it can withstand a high temperature of 1280 degrees. Next, this article will briefly introduce the difference between slate and marble, let’s take a look with me!

What is the difference between slate and marble?

1. Different sources
(1) Marble is a natural material developed by nature.
(2) Slate is an artificial product.

2. The appearance is different
(1) The texture of marble is clear, smooth and delicate, and each piece of texture is different, but also because of its natural properties, some defects such as cracks and stains will inevitably appear on the appearance.
(2) Most of the rock slabs are stable and similar in appearance, but the texture is very similar to natural stone.

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3. Different physical and chemical properties
(1) Wear resistance: The Mohs hardness of marble is 2.5-5, which is easy to wear and scratch, while the Mohs hardness of rock plate is 6-7, which has strong wear resistance.

(2) Permeability: The surface of marble is relatively loose, easy to absorb water, and it is troublesome to clean, while the density of rock is high, and it has strong waterproof and anti-fouling capabilities.

(3) Temperature resistance: Marble has a loose structure and is easy to break in a high temperature environment, while rock slabs are fired at a high temperature of 2000 degrees, so they are not afraid of high temperatures. No traces are left when fired on an open flame.

(4) Acid and alkali resistance: The main component of marble is calcium carbonate, which is prone to chemical reactions when encountering strong alkali or strong acid. The main component of slate is silica, and it is difficult for general substances to react.

(5) Stability: Marble is susceptible to weathering and corrosion, while rock slabs are durable and can meet various needs.

What is the temperature resistance of slate?

The slate is resistant to high temperature, and can be fired at high temperature without smoking, discoloration, shrinkage, cracking, or emitting any gas or smell. The slate can withstand high temperature of 1280 degrees.

Rock slab is the abbreviation of ceramic rock slab. It was first introduced from Italy and Spain. It is made of natural raw materials through special technology. Acid-base, zero formaldehyde, environmental health and other characteristics.

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