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What Are the Uses of Coasters?

With the development of wine culture and coffee culture, coasters quickly became popular. Small coasters are not eye-catching, but they are convenient for our lives. They not only have fashion creativity and cultural heritage, but also contain great Whether it is in TV dramas or in real life, you can often see it. The small coaster has a great effect. I wonder if you have paid attention to it?

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1. The most basic purpose of the coaster is to protect the desktop.
When many people use cups or other containers, they often find that water stains or traces are left on the desktop. This will not only affect the beauty of the desktop, but also damage the surface of the desktop. Using coasters can effectively avoid this from happening. The coaster can absorb the moisture in the cup, which not only protects the tabletop, but also prevents the cup from sliding off the tabletop.

2. The coaster can also play the role of heat preservation.
In the cold winter, we often drink some hot drinks, such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate and so on. Without coasters, our hands can get hot and hot drinks cool down quickly. Using coasters can effectively solve this problem. The coaster can insulate the heat source, keep the temperature of the drink, and also protect our hands.

3. Coasters can also play a decorative role.
There are a wide variety of coasters on the market today in a variety of materials, colors and patterns. We can choose suitable coasters according to our own preferences to make our desktop more beautiful. At family gatherings or parties, using some interesting coasters can also add to the atmosphere.

4. Coasters can also be used to prevent noise.
Some homes have older tables that may have worn or uneven surfaces. Using a coaster can reduce the friction between the cup and the table and prevent noise. Especially in the middle of the night, this kind of noise can easily affect other people’s rest.

5. Coasters can also be used to store items.
Some coasters are so ingeniously designed that they can be folded or disassembled, turning the coaster into a tiny box. We can put some small objects inside, such as keys, coins, earphones and so on. This not only facilitates storage, but also protects these items from damage.

6. Coasters have the function of advertising.
Print the logo of the company or enterprise on the coaster, so that the coaster pattern widely used in daily life will make people have an impression of the advertisement on the pattern, or generate interest in understanding. This makes the coaster have a great advertising effect.

Nowadays, with the development of the times, more and more people turn their attention to coasters. Not only have there been more advertisements for coasters, but also new cultural values have been derived. Some people are crazy about coaster culture and like to collect. It also allows business-minded investors to seize business opportunities and push coasters to the mid-to-high-end consumer market, such as the commemorative coasters for the Munich Olympics and the cultural and creative products of the Forbidden City “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains” coasters, etc., which are very valuable for collection. , Attracting many consumers to rush to buy. A small coaster, what some people see is just a coaster, and what others see is the commercial value full of infinite possibilities. There are business opportunities everywhere in real life, full of surprises, but first of all, you must have a pair of eyes that are good at discovering, and Bold and innovative courage. What do you think?


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