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The Roof Repair Cost Process and Your Guide to Avoiding Scams

When you’ve lived in a home long enough, chances are you’ll have a leaky roof. Eventually you have to have it repaired or replaced, often costing thousands of dollars or more.

Below we will explain how to solve the roof problem through three aspects:

  • Repair or replace
  • Fees
  • Maintenance process

Repairs & Replacement

The choice between repair or a brand new roof often comes down to the age, performance and appearance of the existing roof. For example, a roof with asphalt shingles is conservatively estimated to be 20-25 years old. If you feel the shingles loose and leaking in the third year of living, then it only needs to be repaired.

But if your roof is nearly 20 years old, isn’t performing as well as it used to, and is now leaking, a brand new roof may be a better option.

Experts believe that cracked and dried-out roof tiles are actually a major sign of decay. It weakens the roof structure and affects the amount of weight it can support, which can cause irreparable damage to the roof due to tree branches or storms, or even cause the roof to collapse. Therefore, the comprehensive evaluation of the existing performance of the house is the main factor in deciding to repair or replace.

Another factor when considering a roof replacement is your homeowners insurance policy.

Generally, you will pay for any repairs or replacements to the roof due to its own age. However, if a storm, hail, or some other natural disaster damages the roof, the insurance company will usually pay for a new roof or repairs. The specific situation needs to be considered according to the insurance you have purchased or local policies.


The cost involved in roofing, which usually varies based on the square footage and the materials used, makes it difficult to say exactly how much it will cost. But there are some general guidelines to consider.

According to the online renovation website HomeAdvisor, the average price of asphalt shingles is $100-$400 per square foot. Asphalt tiles are suitable for use in most houses and have strong applicability.

As for other materials, including wood, slate, concrete and metal roofs, there are certain requirements on the structure and slope of the house. Professionals need to go to the site to evaluate whether your house is suitable for using these materials.

In addition, these materials will also be more expensive, wood tiles are twice as expensive as asphalt tiles, and other materials are about twice as expensive. Installation costs are also higher due to the more cumbersome process. But the heavier the roofing material, the more durable it will be. Concrete and metal roofs offer greater safety and stability with proper house construction.

Therefore, although these materials are more expensive, safety and long-term stable home life are also very important, and many owners will still choose them.

slate roof

Repair Process

The first thing to do when deciding to repair is to find a roof repair company, or a roofer, to do it.

Experts advise against hiring the first roofer you come across, and instead shop around to get several quotes before considering who to hire to help you with the repairs. Mainly by comparison, you are less likely to be cheated.

In the roof repair market, there are 3 types of workers that should be avoided.

1. Non-professional roof maintenance workers:

These workers, who typically work in home improvement or similar jobs, have roof repairs as a sideline, and hiring them is risky.

2. “Good guy”:

These roofers will offer to knock on your door, say they have spare material after a job done nearby, and then offer to do some roof repair work for you for a low price.

They may offer a really low price, and the workmanship is acceptable, but they may also be trying to deceive you, shoddy, and it is usually difficult for you to tell the specific situation.

3. Disaster Chaser:

These workers frequently move from city to city, where jobs are available, and often to areas that have just been hit by natural disasters. This also has the potential to be a scam.

The best way to find a suitable roofer is to shop around. If you are too eager to get results, it will be difficult to guarantee both price and quality.


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