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How to Remove a Slate Roof?

The tools used to manually remove the roof tiles are hammers and tweezers. The tiles and layers are properly chiseled until the tiles are loosened, and the tiles are removed one by one and removed immediately.

The construction sequence, because the construction process of laying roof tiles is from the eaves to the ridge, and laying them one by one, so the demolition sequence is opposite to that of laying, and should be removed one by one from the tail ridge to the eaves. First remove the tiles close to the ridge of the roof, and then remove them layer by layer along the slope, in the order that the tiles that are laid first are removed first, and the tiles that are laid later are removed first.


1. Construction process

Erection of protective scaffolding—remove the ridge tiles—clear the lime soil bonded to the ridge tiles—remove the roof tiles—dismantle the covering tiles—clean up the mortar at the bottom of the covering tiles—remove the bottom tiles—clean up the soil on the tile bottom

2. Construction method

(1) Set up the scaffolding according to the scaffolding erection plan, and support the iron cylinder frame for clearing and unloading the roofing materials.

(2) Remove the roof tiles according to the construction process, and remove the bottom tiles from the ridge to the eaves; the removed materials are directly put into the iron drum, and then unloaded into the freight car through the iron drum, and then transferred to the designated storage area.

(3) When constructing on the load-bearing structure of the roof truss, the roof tiles should be transported on both slopes at the same time, and the feet should be stepped on the rubber strips or strips, not in the middle of the tile strips; it is forbidden to wear hard-soled and slippery shoes on the roof Operation: Pay special attention to safety when stepping on the roof, beware of tripping and falling, and when walking on a flat tile roof, step on the tile head and not on the middle part of the tile.

(4) Anti-slip measures should be taken during construction in winter, and the frost and snow on the roof must be cleaned first, and safety belts should be fastened when necessary.

(5) Broken tiles, miscellaneous tools, etc. should be transported together, and should not be thrown around at will.

Safety Precautions:
1. Due to the construction on the sloping roof, the workers must be equipped with safety belts and fix the safety rope on the reinforced concrete roof ridge to ensure that the construction personnel slide down the slope.
2. Construction workers wear safety helmets and fasten their hat straps
3. Working at heights is forbidden to work after drinking.
4. Check the surrounding enclosure of the outer frame before construction, and there must be no hidden dangers that cannot be covered by the enclosure
5. Construction workers must be equipped with non-slip shoes when working on sloping roofs.
6. The dismantled tiles should be immediately sent to the chute and moved downstairs, and should not be stacked on the sloping roof to avoid slipping and hurting people.
7. The construction personnel shall conduct pre-job training before taking up the job, and make a good disclosure of safety technology.


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