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How to Maintain and Clean Marble?

Although the marble looks very good-looking, if the cleaning of the marble is not in place, it will seriously affect the decorative effect of the marble, so the cleaning of the marble in daily life cannot be sloppy. So how to clean the marble? Today I will bring you how to clean the marble, so that the marble at home will look like new.

How to clean marble?

1. In terms of structure, marble is a porous stone. Because of this, it is easier to absorb various liquids and is easy to be stained. Especially on kitchen countertops, if marble countertops are used, then it will often be repeatedly stained. If some seasonings, soups, juices, etc. are left on the surface, it will pollute the marble.

2. When cleaning the marble, you must use a neutral detergent to clean the marble, and you cannot use hard brushes and abrasive cleaners, and cleaners with bleaching properties cannot be used. Marble, like other decorative materials, must be combined with prevention and control. A good way to prevent marble pollution is to clean it with clean water in time.

3. The cleaning of marble also needs to be adapted to local conditions, that is to say, different cleaning methods are selected according to substances with different properties. If it is an acidic stain, you can consider using alkaline substances to clean it. The most common way is to use baking soda to clean the acidic stains. Sprinkle it evenly on the stained area, and then wipe it off with a wet towel. The countertop is as clean as new.

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4. If it is contaminated with food stains, we need to use hydrogen peroxide, also known as hydrogen peroxide, to clean it, but this method cannot be cleaned for a long time. After the stain disappears, it must be wiped clean with a wet towel immediately. Finally, wipe it again with a dry towel, otherwise the hydrogen peroxide will easily corrode the surface of the marble.

5. If it is contaminated with oil stains, we can use paper towels to dry the surface first, and then sprinkle cornstarch absorbent on the stained places, leave them for one to two hours, wipe them off with a wet towel, and then dry them with a dry cloth. Wipe it with a towel, and the oil stains have been cleaned up.

6. Everyone also needs to pay attention to that there are many neutral sealants on the market. Although the use of sealants will not cause damage to marble, the sealants need to be resealed regularly according to the type of marble. The living room needs to be resealed about once every six months, while the kitchen countertop can be resealed once a year.

The above is the relevant content I want to introduce to you today, I hope it can help you. If you are unclear, you can continue to this website, and more relevant knowledge will be continuously updated in the future.


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