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How to Choose the Right Plate to Match Food

The plate is the most basic structure in the plate arrangement technique, and the choice of the plate determines the overall artistic feeling of the meal, so the plate is also a key part of learning the plate arrangement technique. And today we will use this theme to explore how to correctly choose a plate to match food and improve your style.

1. The material of the plate.

The materials of the dinner plate are various, such as ceramics, stone, wood, metal, glass, etc. These materials themselves will have different textures and colors, which will give the dinner plate a unique charm.

Wooden dinner plates with handles are popular, and they are suitable for pasta and meat such as baked pizza, bread, and roast chicken. The unique wood texture makes it easier to arrange the plates, and the mild colors allow diners to focus on the food naturally, adding a natural and simple feeling to the food. The slate dinner plate with a plain texture and darker color is also great when paired with rich-colored ingredients. The full-textured dinner plate forms a great contrast with the jumping colors, but it is not against the harmony, and it gives a good foil effect to the food.

How to Choose the Right Plate to Match Food

Warm reminder: the dinner plate is a container for carrying food, so safety comes first. Be sure to choose dinner plates with safe materials and high quality. They must not have peculiar smells, or irritating odors, and must not react with food. Seriously consider the dining safety of diners.

2. The shape of the plate.

There are many shapes of dinner plates, such as round, oval, slender, rectangular, straw hat, etc., so that the dining table is no longer rigid. The shape of the plate will change with the different dishes. Different tableware and different presentation will make the food shine differently, which will also make the dining atmosphere more active.

For example, the slightly elongated oval plate can be used not only as a fish plate but also for ordinary meals. The clear lines and brightly colored food make it look slimmer and fuller without looking bloated. There is also a more popular dinner plate-straw hat plate, which comes with a lot of white space, and the line of sight naturally focuses on the food. The internal concave design facilitates better stacking of food, which is in sharp contrast with the surrounding blank space. It has a good visual effect on pasta, salad, soup, dessert, and other meals, and is very versatile. The flat-bottomed disc with slightly raised edges is also a classic and versatile model, and it is also very easy to load various main courses, appetizers, salads, desserts, etc.

3. The color of the plate.

The color combinations of the plate and the color of the food are endless and complement each other.

Everyone needs a white dinner plate. It is a basic color and a versatile color. It can be matched with various styles of restaurant meals without any sense of disobedience or conflict. Moreover, the pure white dinner plate can be molded with a large space dimension and a variety of shapes, which can also make the food more refreshing and artistic. The dark dinner plate can better refine the pure nature of the ingredients and better enhance the color of the food. Whether it is a mirror or a matte texture, the black dinner plate has a sense of luxury, making the meal automatically high-end, delicate, elegant, cool, or rough. The log style has always been popular. The color and texture of the log can always make people feel calm and indifferent, and feel the original taste of the ingredients.

How to Choose the Right Plate

Gourmet baking is both a technology and an art. In addition to the endless aftertaste on the tip of the tongue, visual pleasure is also a source of happiness. Food needs to be accompanied by beautiful utensils. How to choose the right plate to match the food and sublimate the appearance of the food is naturally a compulsory course for every food lover.


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