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How to arrange the table in the restaurant and how to match it

Table setting is an essential part of table etiquette. According to different types of banquets and national customs, table setting etiquette and norms are also different. The appropriateness of table setting etiquette is directly related to the dining experience of the guests, so there should be no negligence. In the restaurant, how to arrange the tableware to make the dining table show an aesthetic effect? Here are a few beautiful and relatively simple table placement knowledge for everyone.

arrange the table restaurant

1. The arrangement should be neat and symmetrical.

Too many dishes will make the table look messy, and it is inconvenient for guests to eat, which is neither beautiful nor convenient. When placing the dinner plate, you can pay special attention to whether the tableware is clean, and place it neatly on the table, and place the tableware on the edge of the table according to the simple rule of left fork and right knife. Chopsticks are used in Chinese banquets. You can place the chopsticks on one side and the knife and fork on the other side to form a symmetrical aesthetic effect.

2. Tableware and dining environment need to be coordinated.

Exquisite tableware can always leave a good impression on the diners, and the tableware that complements the dining environment is even more amazing to the guests, and can also make the guests feel that they are being treated sincerely. When receiving guests, the host should try his best to integrate the dining table with the surrounding environment, so as not to be out of place and cause discomfort to the guests. Usually, the color and style of the tableware, the color of the dining table, decorations, ambient lighting, etc. need to be coordinated. On the dark table (black or brown, etc.), you can match the tableware with brighter color, such as the silver tableware and bowl mat placed on the black table above, the brown wine bottle and the high feet with crystal soft luster Cup, romantic, petty bourgeois sentiment arises spontaneously. The entire marble dining table matches the dim lighting, which is most suitable for a warm and romantic date. In addition, a bowl of plain or brightly colored flowers can be placed on the table to prevent the environment from being too dull and add a lot of color to the table.

3. Table decorations are essential.

Sometimes, in addition to tableware and other necessities, there will be more delicate and lovely things on the table, light-colored fabrics, silver candlesticks, or a small basket of flowers. Add decorations or fabrics to the dining table to add a touch of color to the otherwise monotonous dining table. The soft shape of the textile can also simulate food, making the tableware look less spacey. Bowl mats are also frequently used, and they are regular and neat. The square bowl mats that are in obvious contrast with the color of the dining table have a good distinguishing effect, so that the dining table with many people will not be too messy.

In fact, placing plants on the dining table is a very common way of home decoration. As long as they are used properly, these plants and flowers that may not be very distinctive can also add a lot of color to the dining environment. Hosts usually use flower arrangements to decorate their dining tables. Generally speaking, the flower arrangements on the dining table don’t have to be placed too strictly, just show the atmosphere casually. In terms of shape, attention should be paid to diners from different angles, and it should be compatible with the shape of the table and the arrangement. The style of the vase should not be too cumbersome, the flower materials should not be too grand, and the fragrance of the flowers should not be too strong, otherwise it will seem overwhelming. Sometimes just a bouquet of white roses is enough, with some green leaves as a foil, it is enough to make people’s heart beat.

4. Choice of plate style.

Under normal circumstances, when entertaining guests and setting the table, if it is a round table, the hosts will choose to place the same round plate instead of other shapes such as square or diamond. The wrong arrangement of the plate not only affects the appearance, but also reflects the casualness and carelessness of the host when entertaining guests.


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