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A Brief Introduction to Six Popular Wooden Tableware

Life is becoming more and more refined. Sometimes three meals a day are no longer a solution to food and clothing, but represent the pursuit and ritual of life. The three meals of magazines, movies, and Internet celebrities always look good. How do they do it? Maybe it needs some “magic tools” blessing.

Rustic natural log style tableware is one of the trends, and we have seen them in many movies, TV series and food photography. The following are six popular wooden tableware for everyone, which are not only practical, but also make your three meals a healing magazine style in seconds! And with the three meals blessed by the artifacts, the food will also become ceremonial under the background Even more delicious.

1. Log bento box – the ritual sense of eating out

Maybe you have seen many Japanese-style bento check-ins on the Internet. They record their bento every day, and every photo has inexplicable healing power. Make an exquisite meal for yourself, pack it neatly into a log bento box, look pleasing to the eye, and the food becomes delicious. If you like Japanese style, this kind of bento box is really good-looking no matter how you shoot it, and it is also very practical and environmentally friendly.

2. Breadboard in the shape of a chopping board—an artifact for posing

Where else can bread be placed other than on a plate? You must be familiar with this breadboard. As a small item of internet celebrity, it often appears on the desktop of internet celebrity breakfast. Perhaps on the morning of the weekend, make a sandwich or baked bread for yourself, and then freshly squeeze a glass of avocado milkshake, put it on this tray, and light up your morning with a delicious and healing breakfast.

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3. Solid wood tea tray – Zen and tranquility

Tasting tea can relax the body and mind and return to tranquility. It is a way of leisure that many people like. Because of its unique accumulated texture, many people now like ornaments and home styles with Chinese Zen. A solid wood tea tray can add a lot to the overall Zen atmosphere when tasting tea, and it is more comfortable to watch.

4. Solid wood plate – gourmet texture

If you feel that too many dishes are cumbersome, in fact, many people just use simple dishes to build their own exquisite three meals. Simple items can often better highlight the original appearance of the food. The food is also brighter against the wooden plate, and it looks full of appetite.

5. Japanese-style wooden bowl – exquisite movie feel

In many Japanese movies and TV dramas, there are scenes of drinking miso soup and eating ramen with wooden bowls. Looking at the mouth, I also want to make a bowl of such steaming food. Why not start with buying a wooden bowl? Pair it with a Japanese-style napkin, which is the healing feeling of saying “I’m starting” in Japanese movies.

6. Snack box—afternoon tea atmosphere

Delicate Japanese snack boxes are also often used. Snacks are always scattered in packs, and a snack box can tidy them up. Make an appointment with three or five friends, and use this kind of log-separated snack box to add a delicate and simple atmosphere to your afternoon tea. It also looks good when photographed.

The above are the six pieces of tableware that I will introduce today. I hope that everyone can choose the favorites from them. Not only to improve the appearance and style of the three meals, beautiful tableware can also make the three meals full of happiness Feeling and healing, to make a meal, sometimes you should start with choosing a tableware!


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